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National Water Hygiene Self Guided E-learning Course – no plastic card option

£189.00 (exc VAT)

Energy & Utility Skills now issues a “Virtual Card” though an app on your smart phone, so a plastic card is no longer required. However, if you want a plastic card in addition to the “Virtual Card” for your smartphone there is a small additional cost for this.

National Water Hygiene E-learning Course (NB This is the ‘no plastic card option’.) SmartPhone app only with Vicarda.

The UK National Water Hygiene Scheme (known as the ‘Blue Card Scheme’) is an educational course providing workers who undertake tasks on the UK’s drinking water assets and networks with the required knowledge on protecting the UK water supply.

All the UK drinking water suppliers require that individuals working on clean water operations – known as ‘Restricted Operations’ must obtain the Registration. Types of locations where the Registration is required are service reservoirs, water treatment works, spring and boreholes and the water distribution network.

What you get

National Water Hygiene Scheme Training Course and Test.
National Water Hygiene Scheme Registration with Energy and Utility Skills
SmartPhone app with ‘Vicarda Registration’.

With this option you will not receive a plastic National Water Hygiene Card. You will only receive the. virtual card’ through the SmartPhone App ‘ Vicarda”. 

What do our customers say about our service

‘The right place to take the training.’ from Mihai Nafareanu, Sept. 2023

‘Just completed my national water hygiene course though Alison. The information provided by Alison from start to finish made the process to run very smoothly. Thanks once again.’ from Allen Smith, Sept. 2023.

‘Training was online but Peter’s communication was excellent, as always. Recommended for anyone seeking first class professional training.’ from Mike Rush, 2021