SHEA Power Passport Training Course

The SHEA Power Passport which is also known as the Energy and Utility Skills, Utility Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness (Gas) Scheme has been developed with the major power utility companies to provide a consistent approach to training in line with the guidelines from the Health and Safety Executive.

We provide training for groups of people across the UK through a network of approved trainers.


SHEA Power Passport Course Delivery Options

National Water Hygiene Course e-learning and livestream video test on ZOOM

Have the SHEA Power Passport Course delivered at your premises

To suit your timetable!

You can have the course delivered at your premises – anywhere in the UK (or even abroad if needed). It can fit into your existing training plans and the one day course can be held whenever you wish to bring your team into your central location. Our trainers can travel to you.

National Water Hygiene Course e-learning and livestream video test by Zoom + plastic card

The flexible option for the new way of working!

at a time and date to suit your needs!

Your team members may be located in locations across the UK. This method avoids the time, travelling costs and sheer effort of travelling to a training classroom. Typically attendees can take the course in their own homes or local offices – all they need is a computer, broadband connection with camera and a headset. 

Who needs this qualification?

The electricity transmission and distribution company may require that anyone who is involved in the operational activities of the electricity industry or who may require access to operational sites attends this course. Companies that may typically request this passport include Electricity North West, Northern Power Grid and Western Power Distribution.

Course Tutor
Peter Bradley is qualified in both health and safety (as a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner) as well as teaching (with a Certificate in Education). He was Health, Safety and Environment Manager for construction projects on Electricity Transmission and Distribution with United Utilities (now Electricity North West) and served on the UK Energy Networks Association Environment committee. He has over 30 years experience in working in the utilities industry, many of those years were as Health, Safety and Environment Manager with United Utilities. To see further details have a look at the About Us page.

Course Content.

The Utility SHEA Power course is made up of eight modules these cover safety, health and environmental awareness topics.

These SHEA POWER Passport modules are as follows:-

1: Power generation and distribution

2: Understanding our workplace responsibilities

3: Understanding the effects of our work on the environment

4: Identifying and controlling risks

5: Common hazards in the workplace

6: Occupational health hazards

7: Power industry hazards

8: Responding to emergencies


CSCS Affiliation

The SHEA Power Passport is affiliated with the CSCS Scheme to allow electricity industry workers access to construction sites for utilities work without the need to obtain a CSCS card.

Where is the training held?

The training can be held at your offices, a venue selected by you or at our training premises in Warrington, Cheshire.

How much does it cost?

This depends on location and the numbers requiring training – contact us for a quote.


One-day programme. The card is valid for three years.


Multiple choice examination for each of the eight modules. Each set of 4, 5 or 6 questions must be passed with not more that one error. Accreditation is from Energy and Utility Skills.

Maximum Number of Attendees

12 people.

What should I bring to the course?

Proof of identity such as a passport, driving licence or similar and a pen!

Page updated June 2022.

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