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National Water Hygiene Card do you need a course quickly? In-house or Open Courses available.

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Alison Bradley BScHons MSc or Peter Bradley BScHons MScTech CertEd CMIOSH 




Loughborough University logoThe team of plumbers found the course was carried out in a very interactive manner which meant that the serious subject of water hygiene was covered in an interesting way

Keith Dakin, Assistant Supervisor, Loughborough University

Well presented and clearly explained at a comfortable pace.


Phillip Rees, Technical Leader Electrical, MWH.

The course was well delivered with good content and has given us the information to improve our working practices and deliver a good quality service to all our customers.

Graeme Hall, Managing Director, AMG Southern Services Ltd.

The course content and delivery were of great quality and were delivered in such a way that the training was engaging and successfully completed by all levels of staff and operatives. Highly recommended package.

Guy Fulford, Technical Sales Engineer, Horizon Contracting.

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In house  Training courses available. EUSR registration extra. (discounts for group bookings)

Great course

Neil Wiseman, Service Engineer, Chubb Security.

We provide good quality training, at a time and location of your choice.

The Company specialises in National Water Hygiene Card Training for companies that require the ?blue card? for working on ?restricted activities? either water treatment or construction where they may come into contact with potable water. The scheme is administered by Energy & Utility Skills and those who pass the entry requirements and examination are admitted to the Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR). The cards are valid for a period of three years.

We can provide training at your offices or workshops locations. Contact us for more information.

How long does the course last?

The course last about three hours and includes discussion, an EUSR PowerPoint presentation followed by a short relatively simple test.

Where is the course held?

It can be held at your workplace or at any location where it is possible to talk through the slides and materials in a reasonable manner.

What are the ideal numbers of attendees?

The maximum number is twelve per half day course, the minimum is one. If large numbers require training we can train twenty-four people per day or we can bring in extra tutors if required for larger sites.

Do you want to know the course specification ? follow this link.

Do you run any other courses?

Yes, we offer tailor made courses in health safety and the environment ? just call and we can discuss your needs.

How much do the courses cost?

Rates are variable depending on numbers and locations ? Training Costs per person vary on the numbers. If you would like a quotation please fill in the call back form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We also have access to a wider group of associates that can advise on specific or complex issues.

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We can run courses in the daytime but we also have flexibility and are able to run courses in the evening or at weekends and at short notice. We know that often customers need these cards quickly to get a specific job completed at short notice, so if you need training in a hurry ring us on 07901 726 419 seven days a week. We recently delivered a course with just two hours notice.

Or alternatively email us on info@waterhygienecard.co.uk

Contact Information

Telephone Peter Bradley on 07901 726 419

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National Water Hygiene Scheme


National Water Hygiene Scheme – Course Specification




To provide an understanding of the need for good hygiene, when working with potable water.


1. To ensure that all individuals are aware of the ways in which potable water could be contaminated and how this could be prevented.

2. To ensure that individuals who work with potable water understand that it is their responsibility not to allow the water to become polluted.

3. To ensure that individuals reach a nationally agreed level of training, testing and medical clearance. The objective is that individuals answer successfully at least 22 out of 25 questions in the National Water Hygiene Scheme test.


There are three elements to the training package:

1. Completion of a Health Screening Questionnaire

2. Participation on the training course

3. Successful completion of the National Water Hygiene test

All three elements must be successfully completed before a National Water Hygiene card will be issued.

Course Content

The course consists of a series of slides using Microsoft PowerPoint software.


The approach is inclusive and informal.

Group Size

The maximum number of attendees is twelve.

Attendees with reading or writing difficulties

The test may be taken at a suitable location and time in privacy ensuring the individual is not isolated or embarrassed.


Normally about three hours including the test.


The National Water Hygiene Cards are registered on the Energy and Utility Skills Register (EUSR) and are valid for three years from the date of the course.




Course Details


Water Hygiene Card Training

We deliver the Water Hygiene Card Courses across the UK, throughout the year. We usually run the course at your premises at a time and date convenient for you. This saves you travelling time and money and often means that you still get half a days work from your employees rather than lossing the whole day. Call now for a competitive quote.

National Water Hygiene Card Training Scheme Course

Open Course – Reserve your place now!

Time – usually lasting less than three hours.

Course Content – National Water Hygiene Scheme

Tutor – Peter Bradley BSc MSc CMIOSH CertEd

Many years experience in the water industry currently delivering training courses for many UK Water Companies including Yorkshire Water, United Utilities, South Staffs Water and Bristol Water.

NB reductions in price for groups!

Book Now on 07901 726 419 or email info@waterhygienecard.co.uk

By the way  we promise to deliver the course when you want it and wherever you are. We recently delivered a course at two hours notice – is this a record?




Water Hygiene Card Training

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